Miracle Stitcher

Lynnette Johnson

Here's a blast from the past.  In cleaning out my sewing closet I found the Miracle Stitcher, brand new in its original packaging, from my 8000 that I used to have.  I never used it and am wondering if it fits any other machine than the 8000.  Also, is the 8000 a low shank or high shank machine?

Thanks a bunch,


Jim Stutsman

Wow, that takes me back! It's a high-shank foot, and the 8000 was a high shank machine. It should work, except that the provided needle clamp screw for attaching the yarn "funnel" may not work. You don't really need that anyway, it can be used without it.

Andrea LaVergne

My Miracle Stitcher has worked on the 9K,11K, 12K and 15K without a problem except for the needle clamp screw. It’s so easy to couch yarn and threads.

Lynnette Johnson

Thanks Jim for the info. Unbelievable how much our machines have changed since the 8000.