Sewing on athletic nylon latex .

Theresa Lindal

Hi Jim 
what needle on 15000 Janome for atlhletic fabric nylon latex and kind of thread.

thank you ahead😊😊


Kathy Strabel

Theresa----Do you mean nylon and Spandex?  Instead of latex?  If you are sewing nylon/spandex, use a Janome purple tip needle and one of the stretch stitches---I have a different machine  (Skyline7), so I don't know what stitches your machine has. I use one of the "lightning" stitches for seams and the triple zigzag for stitching elastic in, or finishing the waist or leg openings in swimwear, or topstitching armholes and neckline.  Nothing works as well as the Janome purple tip for me I believe Organ makes the Janome-branded needles. I have purchased the Purple Tip needles on Amazon.          By the way, if you are making swimwear, I have found that nylon/spandex fabrics fade very quickly. Polyester/Spandex blends with 4-way stretch are far superior as far as overall wear and fade resistance than nylon/Spandex blends for swimwear. Just in case you planned on swimwear and don't want to waste your time and effort on something that will fade quickly.  As for thread, I use Coats and Clark Dual Duty thread. Unfortunately, the variety of Polyester/Spandex blends is not as big as the nylon/Spandex fabrics.    I know you addressed your question to Jim, but I thought I would jump in and give my take on the subject also.  Happy stitching!   Kathy S, Camas WA

Diane Stutsman

Hi, since Jim doesn’t sew he passed this one to me. Use a #90 stretch needle and a good quality polyester sewing thread. My all time favorite is metrosene. It is Strong and lint free. I have sewn tons of dance costumes, skating costumes and swim suits. Before I owned a serger I used a narrow zig zag (2.5 width x 2.5 length) it made a nice stretchy seam that didn’t pop. Good luck

Theresa Lindal

Thank you so much Diane, all this new fabric coming on, every bit of help is very welcome.  I have been a follower of Jim and you, for many years can’t believe it, so glad you are keeping us all knowledgeable, so many new things and it’s so good you keep up on things, I’ve been sewing for many years but slowing down now somewhat love my 15000 thanks again.