12000 question

Joyce Daniel

I have about 5 designs loaded on a USB stick, several have a high stitch count.
As I am embroidering one of these heavy stitch count/35 color change designs, the screen of my 12000 semi flickers between stitchings. Is this a weird idiosyncrasy of this machine or too much in the USB to "read" or ?
I've only had this one other time and decided to ask the pros finally, for your input. :)
Thanks!! Joyce in brrrr GA

Jim Stutsman

The answer to your question may be in your signature. Cold can make the touch screen do some weird things. It's very unlikely that the stitch count of a design would cause the software to do that. It's pretty much either going to accept a design or reject it totally if the stitch count exceeds 100,000 (12000) or 200,000 (15000). 

Joyce Daniel

Good to know re: "cold" as this screen blinking has only happened one other time and I thought it was due to too much on my usb, but I took everything off except for this 55,000 stitch, 35 color design and it still blinks a little, but it is cold here in GA. Brrrr. Guess I need another space heater going.