I really need some help

Joyce VanAtta

I was doing some free standing lace on my 15000 when my machine jammed up.
The thread had to be cut in order to get the hoop off the machine.
Thread was all wrapped around under the bobbin cover, and the bobbin
case has moved enough that I cannot get it out. The message on the screen says
raise needle bar slowly.  The needle plate will not go back on.  The embroidery
arm is open.  The machine has been turned off and back on and nothing happens
except the needle plate warning always comes up.  Can the embroidery arm be
removed while it is open, because I know it has to go to the shop.

What do I do now???

Jim Stutsman

Start with the machine turned OFF. Next turn the hand wheel BACKWARD, a little bit, if you can. That should free the bobbin case. If it does not, just leave the bobbin case as it is. Next grab the hoop attaching bracket on the open embroidery arm and pull it back toward the machine. It's going to resist, just pull it slowly, but firmly. Once it's all the way back to the "parked" position you can close the arm. At that point leave the plate off and take the machine in for service. Good luck!