Accutools S(


I cannot find an answer for what, exactly, Accutools S9 is. What is it for? What if I don’t install it? What if I do? 

darlene Reese

I just googled it. It is the software for the S9. You would definitely need to install it. Just google the information and it gives you good instructions.I don’t have the S9, so 5a5 is what i had todo to answer your question.
The internet is a great source of information, you can find anything you want. Give it a try.

Cat - N

I don’t suppose you have to install Accutools but I am not sure why you wouldn’t want to have it available. I don’t have the S9 but I have two other models including the 15000, which is is the S9. I use the software for the 15000 to wirelessly transfer designs to my 15000...very handy!!!  The name of the software for the 15000 is different than for the S9, but I assume you can do embroidery layout/composition, combine designs, re-sizing...editing that you could also do at the console (screen) of your S9, but perhaps more comfortably on a laptop while watching a movie. I’d recommend installing it, checking out what the software can do, then decide if you want to keep/use it. 

- Cat

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If you’re new to machine embroidery you will need to use some type of software to get the most out of your embroidery machine. One great tool is the program that came with your machine, so yes, do install it.
It will enable you to print templates of the embroidery designs so that you can position the embroidery exactly where you want among many, many other useful and fun things. The help menu in the program will also so teach you a lot so read it. Have fun!


Viola Tani

Further to Cat's reply what Acutools S can do I only use it for transferring embroidery designs to my S9 wirelessly.  I have a Janome Digitizing program so do not need it for other purposes.  

Anne Hein DE

Acutools is very similar to Horizon link Suite for the 15000. So if you see demos on Horizon link Suite you would be able find lots of usable info. On the janome sewing machine FB page and the classroom page I did several demos on the software. To find them go there and search Anne Grieco Hein.

You'll find acutools very handy. The manual is in the program when you open it click on the little blue question mark. 

Anne in DE