Upgrade Horizon Link

Carole O'Mara

I have 15000 V.3 when I bought it 2 years ago.  When I recently updated my PC to Win10 from Win8,  HLS was uninstalled and had to be reinstalled.  The original CD (V1) was used so PC has only V1 installed and 15000 has 3.0.   Right now none of my designs can be opened in HL--message says "HL is not responding".   I am having to use the designs on my back up thumb drives .  I'm assuming it's because the computer does not have the same Version of HLS.  How do I update PC to V3?

Jim Stutsman

The V3 update to HLS is only available as a download using a link emailed by Janome. If you don't save that downloaded file, you cannot update after a reinstall. Contact Janome Tech Support through the website and tell them what happened. I'm sure they get this request often, and can send you a new link.

Carole OMara

Thank you, Jim. I contacted Janome in NJ. Their phones are ‘out’ probably due to the snow storm in the NE, but recording suggesting emailing them, which I did. I received an email response within an hour with download link. So, all is well.

Jim Stutsman

Be sure to save the downloaded file in case you need to reinstall in the future.


Re: "Not Responding"
Be aware that the HLS program periodically does this. 
It happens when in Embroidery Edit mode and trying to open/insert designs into the project. Usually the message goes away and the navigation pane opens after a minute or so.
Then all of a sudden the problem isn't there anymore! And then it comes back!
I have contacted Janome about it, we even did a survey of my students to see which computers did it and which didn't.
One student was still running Windows 7 and didn't have any problems, but with Windows 10 we did have the problem, on some computers it was worse than on others.
So, given that, I assume it has something to do with a much needed update to the program.