Babylock Destiny II vs. Janome 15000


Barb, I sent a message earlier, but I don't see it posted. Maybe it's due to the outage. Thanks for the advice. I tried pushing up in the back of the needle bar prior to turning my 15000 on and it seems to have corrected the issue. After receiving it back from the dealer she seems to be running ok for now. I will be sewing on it in the next few days and I will let everyone know if I still have issues.

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Thanks so much Barb. I tried this prior to starting up the machine and it seems to have alleviated this issue. So far no other issues. I'm sewing with it the next few days so we'll see. It's so good to have it back.

Cynthia in Virginia

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I had the Babylock Elissimo before my 12000, and now the 15000.  It was more user friendly than Viking and Pfaff, but not as trouble free.  I don't know if they changed the plate screw locations, but one of them couldn't be accessed with a screw driver; I had to use a dime!  I do miss the camera, but much prefer my Janome.  Babylock may have made improvements since then, but I'm still a die hard Janome fan.  For some reason, all of a sudden, I've had to switch thread brands for the needle threader to work, but it's not worth taking it just for that.  If I can't get it to work with the Isacord, I'll thread it by hand, since I only have a few spools of the new brand.  Janomes are very tolerant, and usually all I have to do is rethread to solve any stitching problems.
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Barbara Frasier

My 12000 gives me the same message. If I gently push up in back of the needle bar, it solves the issue. Barb 

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In addition to my 15000, I have a Brother ten needle embroidery machine and love the features... I have had Janomes since 1988 or so and love them.. HAVING SAID THAT...I think it’s so much more enjoyable to have good local support. My dealer worked thru that issue you’re having with your 15000 a long time ago and it is a dream now — especially with the latest update. If you’re looking at Babylock, you might consider Brother also (basically same machine) — depending on dealers available. I’m sorry you don’t have someone that knows how to fix that issue on 15000 — so much invested, it would be ideal to keep it. I actually was going to sell mine a long time ago because I use my ten needle most of the time and sew on a different Janome .... but what I could get from Dealer after he takes a commission, I couldn’t bear to give it up. Good Luck - consider all options

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Cynthia, I have the Destiny II and Love it! I haven't done any embroidery on my Janome 15,000 since I brought the Destiny home.  

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I have a friend who switched to Babylock Destiny II and she kept a list of pros and cons and she said it was about even.  Two things she really disliked about the Destiny is the door doesn’t open to view/clear the thread path.  You need a screwdriver to switch the stitching plates. 


Those two things come to  my mind because that would drive me nuts.


I think her general conclusion is that the Destiny does a great job of embroidery but perhaps the Janome is easier/better for all around sewing.  I think maybe she wished she had kept her 15000 because when I was considering trading she said we should stick to what we have.



Does anyone in this group own an additional embroidery machine in addition to their Janome? I have a 15000 and am starting to have issues with it, since moving my dealer is over an hour away. It's back in the shop with a repeated issue where when I turn on the machine I get the "raise presser foot and needle then turn off and on" and I can't get it to start. I have been checking out local dealers and was given a demo on the Babylock Destiny II.  The scanner and camera eliminate the requirement for a clothsetter for accurate placement.  It looks awesome. I have always owned Janomes since I had an awesome dealer in town. But since I have moved it is a real pain. Any comments on switching machine brands? I am happy with my 15000, but the other machines have some really great features.

Cynthia in Virginia - lonely without her 15000