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Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

When replying to a post, what is the best option to choose?  When I choose reply to group, all that I see is a new message.  If all the previous posts are not seen, how do we edit them out?  Sometimes I see them on the digest, but since they're not in view when I send it, how do I take them off? It's a tremendous amount of work for you, and confusing to follow.  And what causes all those random characters that take up more space than the messages?  I have managed to (somewhat) keep up with the mechanics of reading and sending posts, but have no idea how to deal with the issues you described!  I'm sure a lot of us would like to make your job easier, but don't know how 🙃. Sue Raabe  susies.stitches@...

Good questions! Since there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of different ways of emailing I can't be real specific. However here are a number of sites that explain how to trim, as well as general guidelines on using the group:

As for those posts that contain pages of spurious character "garbage", that happens when a message uses HTML (web language). It let's you use different fonts, add cute puppies or kitties, rainbows, butterflies, and other essentials. However Yahoo does a lot of slicing and dicing, and all that cuteness often gets broken, resulting in a spew of trash. Sometimes I can edit those posts to eliminate the nonsense, but very often after I have edited and try to save Yahoo gives me the helpful message "An error occurred while saving". When that happens I have no option but to save it as-is. One of the biggest offenders of this is Microsoft's option to edit email messages in Microsoft Word. Even the simplest of font changes, or something as mundane as bold-facing a single word, can generate hundreds and hundreds of extra characters. There should be a special punishment awaiting whomever built that option!

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Thanks for the links.  There were some interesting explanations about email that I didn't know.  The first video explained what I already knew about how to trim messages, but it was good to  get a refresher.  It mentioned that using an ipad or iphone can sometimes cause problems, so as an experiment, I'm using a lap top.  As with the other two devices, when I click "reply to group", a new window opens, and there is nothing to trim.  I'm hoping that means that any previous posts are not being displayed when they appear on the digest.  Maybe it depends on which email program people use?  Now that I think of it, Comcast seems to include every previous message on any particular topic.  Glad I don't use it for for the Yahoo groups.  I'm going to follow the directions for setting up labels (I'm assuming that's the equivalent of folders?) so my inbox doesn't get so cluttered.  Hopefully. when this post appears, there will be nothing extraneous included.  Thanks again for the help and explanations.  Sue Raabe  susies.stitches@...