DO NOT TRIM, part 2

I forgot to put that I am using Digitizer 5 which is where I need the help...not with my 12000. I want the embroidery function to stop at the end of a segment so I can pull the thread to the front.


Carolyn Gazerro

Could it have to do with turningimg the tie off trim option

I tried it both ways and it cut the thread both times.


On the machine can you go into settings and change the embroidery setting to the One Stitch stop?

FIt is set to One Stitch Stop but I think that is only for the beginning. That part works fine. My problem is at the end of the stitching. Nothing I've tried so far stops so I can pull the bobbin thread to the top.

Thanks for trying...I'm still looking and appreciate anything anyone comes up with.

Rose, Florida

blue_lak <no_reply@...>

On your machine, under the Set, "Embroidery" Mode settings, scroll until you get to the Thread Cutting page. Click the Advanced button. There are options to Turn Off cutting at color change and end of sewing. The other "Cutting Command" on/off overrides a trim code embedded in an embroidery stitch file. Hopefully this will work for you.

cas <cassweet@...>

Can you just stop where you want and use the needle up down button to pull the thread to the top and snip it yourself? 


Donna Morton

In the Set menu for embroidery you can turn off the cut at the end of a colour change/end.  See page 128 in your manual.  It will still do a tie off but you can leave long thread tails to bury in the quilt.
Donna M