Urgent Help Required Please...

Karen Price

Hello everyone

I need your help urgently please...  I'm a newbie quilter using a MC12000, which I'm also new to, and I'm trying to complete my quilt, which I'm gifting next week.  I'm attempting to use the Serpentine stitch that Diane kindly created for the MC12000.   To begin with, the stitching is fine for the first 8 inches or more, but then the stitching becomes very inconsistent, and I keep getting the odd skipped stitch.  I've tried the Acufeed Foot and the F Foot, I've cleaned my machine, changed the needle, rethreaded the machine etc etc. but to no avail.  In addition I'm sewing at a fairly slow speed. 

l'd prefer to be able to use the Acufeed Foot, and I'd also really like to be able to use the quilting guide/bar to assist me.  Is there a way I can use the Acufeed foot with the quilting guide and get consistent stitches?  

In addition, the machine tells me to use the F Foot, can I ignore this and use the Acufeed foot?

Thank you for your kind attention.

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The fact that it works for a few inches suggests that the fabric is a component in the problem. Does it have some sort of interfacing or batting that is gumming up the needle? This can be a problem with fabrics that have sequins or other embellishment glued on.

For anyone seeking help with a sewing problem, keep in mind that the more information we have, the better our chances of offering a solution. There are many factors in sewing and the more information you provide, the better.

Karen Price


Thank you for your response.

I'm using 100% cotton quilting fabrics, Moda, Wyndam etc, for the background and appliqué, including Heat and Bond Lite, 100% batting, Aurifil 50wt thread, and Spoonflower printed Kona Cotton Ultra for the backing fabric, along with a new Smetz Quilting needle 75/11.

Karen Price

PS  There doesn't appear to be any "gumming up" of the needle.


Another issue is that your needle may be too small. Try a size 14 or possibly even 16 to go through the multiple layers.
The serpentine stitch and other stitches that are fairly simple, in other words that are mostly forward moving designs, can be used with the Acu-flex foot. The open toe version works well to see where you're going. Also, the quilting bars do fit into the back slot on the Acu-flex holder, be aware that they're a little tight fit, so insert them gently.

Judi Rutherford

The fact that the first 8” are fine then it has issues suggests the quilt might be “dragging” The weight of the quilt is working against you and the machine. Be sure you have as much of the quilt as possible support by the table so the feed dogs can move the quilt without it pulling. If you have the quilt in your lap try putting your ironing board at the same height (or as close as possible) to the sewing machine height and resting the quilt on that so it flows better through the machine. Keep the quilt in loosely in front of you so the feedbags can do their job.


Judy Albert

Did you try a 90/14 topstitch needle? Also try a different brand of thread