DIME Snap Hoops

J Fraker

Correction.  I just looked at their website and they now have something called the Janome Quilt Topper that is supposed to work with the Accufil hoop.  Not sure how it works, but maybe it is the same principle.

Joyce Golden

I have the Janice Quilt Topper. It is made of flimsy plastic. The magnets are quite strong. It is okay, but I am not really impressed. I had hoped they would have made a snap hoop for the MC15000, but they said they have no plans for it.

Joyce Golden

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I have the DIME Hoop Topper which fits on the ASQ22 hoop. It consists of a plastic frame and 12 very strong magnets that take the place of the magnets that come with the ASQ hoop. I used the hoop to make an embroidered project the other day and it works very well. Also DIME has made a Monster Hoop for the Janome 500E machine.