Acudesign and/or Embrilliance

Ceil J

Hi.  I have Acudesign and the My15000 app that will teach me how to use it.  But I usually work on my PC (in future it will be a Mac) and wonder if Embrilliance Essentials would be a better choice.  I just want to merge and do some minor editing of designs at this point.  From looking at both, it seems that Embrilliance would be less complicated to use although I couldn't send my designs wirelessly to the machine but at this time all my purchased designs are on the PC.  However, I don't want to spend over $100 for Essentials if it's really a duplicate of Acudesign and I just need the commitment to learn Acudesign.  Any thoughts?

Why not download the trial version of Embrilliance? That should help you decide.