New App



I have no idea what your new app is but your teasers are really getting me excited.  I can't wait to buy it whatever it is.  Any idea of when it will be released?


[What's App?]

We're in alpha testing now, which is basically where we look for show-stopping bugs. I'm hopeful that we'll be in beta testing by next week, and submission to the App Store by month end. Apple will be announcing the release of iOS 10 tomorrow, which will lead to a flood of apps hitting the store for approval, so that could delay things. This is probably the biggest app I've ever written, including my pre-sewing days from 1978 to 1990. Stay tuned.

Meryl Margolies

Will this mysterious wonderment be applicable to the 12000 also?

[Briefly stepping out of the lab, he speaks...]
The initial version will apply to the 12000, 14000, and 15000. We will then start adapting it to other models. Excuse me, I must now get back to work!

Audrey Chase <Contessa@...>

New app. What new app? I’ve been away, what have I missed?????


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[You haven't missed anything yet. The app is still in development.]

Judy Van Kalken

If I haven't purchased the app yet for the 12000, should I wait for the new one? Sent from my iPhone

[Nope. The app in development is not machine-specific.]