Janome 110000 SE


This is a first for me to ask for help. Here is my situation: I have a Janome 11000SE and I have Customizer that came with my 11000 and it is loaded onto an old computer , that is dying a slow death.  I'm afraid if the computer stops before I can get something else to pull my embroidery designs off of it, then I'm going to be in a screen boat without a paddle...sinking fast. I trust the Customizer program and I know my way around with it.  I would like to know from those of you that have Janome 110000SE or Jim Stutsman, what I should do. Should I get another small lap top that is like my old computer so I can put Customizer onto it, or is there another program that I can buy and put onto my newer Windows 10 lap top that will open the embroidery designs that I have bought off the internet or even from my flash drives that I've saved my designs on? I'm at a point I do not know what to do. Can a newer lap top computer ( windows 10)  receive the designs from the internet and can I send them to a flash drive and then to my 110000 SE? I've been told by several Janome store owners that I do not need the 34 bit on a newer computer, that a 64 bit will work. I just have to save them onto a flash drive and then put the flash drive into the sewing machine and all is well. Well,, I come from the old school and once I've learned a certain way to do something, it's hard to step back and put a new idea in my head. I bought my machine from Jim Stutsman in Frisco and I wished I could talk to him. .He made it so easy for me to understand. If anyone has a solution to this problem, please respond. I'd appreciate it so much. I would like to keep using my Customizer, but if that's not a good idea, then what do I need to do? Thank you again for any help.


[STOP whatever you are doing and go get an external hard drive NOW!]

Copy all the folders that have designs in them to the external drive. This is drag and drop, nothing special required. You must do this to preserve them, because if the drive in your computer completely dies it may not be possible to recover them.

Yes almost all new computers come with Windows 10, 64-bit, and that's fine. You can use Customizer 11000 on that type of computer. After you have installed it from your CD go to this website and install the update. At that point you can continue to use your computer with the 11000 just as you always have. However you may find that the Windows 10 interface is a bit weird for your liking. You can fix that by installing Classic Shell from this website.

Since retiring we have begun producing apps for iPhone and iPad. At the moment we are nearly one year into the biggest app we've done, one that I think will be somewhat revolutionary. I cannot take phone calls, but if you run into problems you can email me directly. With days still being capped at 24 hours, my body requiring more rest than it used to, and grandchild time taken whenever it can be, that's about the best I can do.


Thank you so much Jim. I do have an external drive and have saved my designs as well as other documents from the old computer. I am so glad for your information. I also appreciate the two websites to seek help and the permission to contact you if I need to. I've worried with this problem now for about half a year and I think the time has come to let the poor old computer go. Ha! Thrilled to know I can use my windows 10 computer. You're the man with the Plan. Again, Thank you. Dianna,-- Teachandsew