Will hoops for the 11000 work on the 12000?  I can't find my 12000 hoops and I can't really sell it without it. I saw some 11000 hoops for sale (used), and wondered if they would work.  The new ones for the 12000 are pretty expensive.  So far, I've only found 2, but the sizes are the same as the 12000.  I have no idea if hoops are interchangeable.  I know between the 12000 and 15000 they are, but have no idea about the 11000.  Thanks.  Sue

[Discouraging words from the Hoop of Disappointment]

No, the 11000 hoops will NOT work on the 12000. Only those for the 12000/14000/15000 will work on the 12000 carriage.

Cheryl Paul


Don’t stress over the hoops. Just sell your machine “as is". Whoever purchases will still be getting a good deal.

Cheryl - Saskatoon