Selecting hoop size for design


I have tried multiple free programs to find out what hoop size the design needs.  I was sure I saw it somewhere, but it seems to be MIA.  I tried Horizon Link, Ambassador, My Editor and Wilcom True Sizer.  I'm not trying to be frugal, but I think the problem is me, not the programs.  I have an old, but full version of Wilcom, which maybe I should try.  I used to be able to select a hoop size, but I haven't used it in years.  For me, it was way too complex.  I managed to do the basic operations, and that's really all I want.  I don't need digitizing at all.  If anyone knows how to find that information in any of the above programs, could you please explain it to me?  I really don't think it would help to purchase any other programs, although True Sizer Pro seems to show hoop sizes if I want to spend $50.  If I thought it would do any good, I'd buy it, but there's no sense throwing good money after bad.  Thanks for helping.  I've exhausted any other options.

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Virtually any design-oriented program should be able to show the stitched size of a design, in either millimeters or inches. I suspect that your problem stems from a digitizer who used a third party program to construct the Janome-compatible version of the design. Some of those third party programs do not set the code in the design corresponding to the required hoop size. Janome machines and software will absolutely not allow using any design where that code does not match the required hoop size for the design. For example, an 8" x 8" design may have the hoop code set for a 5" x 7" hoop. There is no way for you to see this because almost no software will show you what that hoop code is. An exception is Janome's Digitizer software, which puts the hoop on screen corresponding to the hoop code, but displays the stitches according to how they were digitized. This allows you to instantly see the problem, and fix it by simply choosing the appropriate hoop. However if you don't have the Janome Wilcom software buying it to solve this problem is truly cracking walnuts with a steamroller. What you might try instead is a free trial of Buzz Xplore V2. This will open the design regardless of the hoop code. You may then be able to select a new hoop and save the design, which would correct the code. If that fails email me the design and I will see if I can determine what the problem is.

Lou Ann

I'm not sure if I understood your question, but Horizon Link does show hoop sizes under the edit tab (I think-I'm not at that computer).  It picks the hoop that will fit the design or you can pick a larger hoop if you like.
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