Version 5 activations

Cheryl Paul

Good Morning,

I know that we get 3 activations of Digitizer V5.  My question is:  If we uninstall for any reason, does the activation go back on the shelf so that we still have 3 or do we have to deplete them all and then get permission before installing again - Like putting the program on 2 computers - have a terrible crash or problem that needs removal, putting on again - using up the 3; then have another problem and need to put on a 4th time.  At this point do we need to get another activation from Janome? This has never been clear to me. I have program, I think Electric Quilt, and IF you remember to deactivate it before an new install or new computer, you can just do the install and everything works.  However, you do need to DEACTIVATE for that to work - if not it is going through the contact the company for a new activation code, but they are fast in responding - Janome's responses take much longer.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Not quite deactivated, Jim manages to croak out this:

Per Wilcom, uninstalling will update your installation count. This should cover moving to a new computer, but if you have a full-on crash it may not help. In that event you will have to contact Wilcom to have the count reinstated.

Anne Parker


Am I understanding correctly what you are saying?

If I have installed it on 3 computers - then have an issue with one computer and manage to uninstall before the system dies, the uninstall updates
​and reduces ​
my used count to 2 (I presume on the Wilcom servers - so I would need to be on line to uninstall totally and end up with the right count of 2?)
​ that I could then install on another computer (or the same one if I got it sorted) to take the count back up to 3?

I haven't actually installed it anywhere yet - still waiting for the issues to settle down - but just would like to know for future reference (though of course things could easily have changed by the time I do get round to installing).​


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Waiting in vain for his issues to settle down, Jim says:
Yes, that's how it works.