Flat felling foot


Does anyone know if there is a flat felling foot for the 15000..?  Tia Denise

Felling flat on his face, Jim gets up and mumbles this:

Janome does not make a flat felling foot. At one time we purchased an Elna foot that worked, but we're not sure if we even have it any more. Elna does not list it on the website, and I'm sure we bought it before Janome started making Elna. Diane has used the 6mm rolled hem foot to successfully make a flat felled seam. She says it's kind of fiddly to get it started, but once you get it going it works. Of course you are limited to a 6mm width. Once we finish a couple of major projects we'll look at adding it to the rolled hem video in FootBook, but that will be a few months from now.

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I have a (narrower) flat fell seam foot for my MC6000 but after using it for quite a while decided to make the flat felled seam without this special foot. I think it turns out just as well if not better when you just press rather than have the foot turn the fabric under.  And I LOVE to have feet!  Here's one tutorial but I recently saw one somewhere that didn't have you cut the seam at all but then you're going to have a rather fat seam. Tutorial: How to sew a flat felled seam without a specialty foot  |  Colette Blog



Thanks for the info.   I will take a look.

Andrea LaVergne

Alphas has 4mm and 6mm felling feet. I use the snap-on with the “11K shank” and it works on my 15K. Parts numbers are 4mm P60963 and 6mm P60973. They are both metal feet, at one time they came as plastic (which is what I thought the “P” stood for). Any sewing dealer should be able to order them individually from Brewers Sewing Supplies.
Andrea of Lafayette, CA