Flashdrives for 14000


I may be asking a question that has been asked a dozen times before, but I just started following the group since my purchase of the 14000.  I have flash drives that I had used on my 11000 and they have a lot of good designs on them.  Will they be usable as they are or will they have to be reformatted and lose all the designs?

By the way, I spent a good 2 hours this morning going through all the "New Product" you announced (and I purchased) and must say that they have been so great at introducing me to a whole lot of features on these wonderful machines!  Thanks loads.

Sending thanks right back, Jim says:

Starting with the 11000, Janome standardized on the format for USB flash drives. All embroidery designs are stored in folders inside the master EMB folder. By default the machine creates an EmbF folder, but you can add others yourself. The 12000, 14000 and 15000 can all navigate to any folder, but by default they open to the EMB -> EmbF folder. All of your 11000 designs will be accessible, though the hoop may change if a design uses a hoop that your machine doesn't have. Just be sure to check the hoop before stitching.

Judy Van Kalken

What is the difference between the 12000 and 14000?

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