MC11000 driver problem

Caroline Wright

My 15000 is at the dealer being serviced and I am trying to use my 11000 and am having driver problems.  I have installed W10 since last using my 11000 for embroidery and think that may be the problem.  I installed the PC folder tools from the DVD but still get a driver error saying "The USB driver was improperly installed or damaged.  Uninstall the USB driver and re-install it.  Remove the current USB driver?"  I have V2.10.
I am hesitant to do this as I don't want to create a driver problem when I get my 15000 back.  Suggestions please and thanks.


Being in a car in Dallas means there are ALWAYS driver problems, but Jim survives to say:

Your Windows 10 is almost certainly 64-bit. Janome did not make a 64-bit driver for the 11000, so you won't be able to get PC Folder Tools to work. Your only option is to use USB flash drives, which rely on the built-in Windows driver.

Cat - N

Okay, I am surprise there, I admit...LOL, and I completely apologize for my absolute ignorance.

Does Customizer 11000 use a different driver than the PC Folder Tool?  I have Customizer 1.5 and I transfer designs from the PC to the MC 11000 (v.3.10) by USB cable all the time using Customizer 1.5 on 64-bit Windows 8.1.  I upgraded my Customizer v.1.3 on Janome's website:

    Adds Windows 7 / 64-bit compatibility and other minor improvements

There is an OS Compatibility Kit that says on page 3 that shows the message that will display on 64-bit systems and says to "Select Install" in the instruction:

I am pretty sure I did all of this last year, although the whole machine embroidery thing was completely new to me, and I lost two computers in rapid succession, so I installed it all three times, the last time being on this 64-bit Windows 8.1 PC.  So, I 'could' be 'missing' something.

I have PC Folder Tool v.1.4, and I have RUN it but never did anything else with it except 'drill' through the folder structure then "X" out of the I don't know if it works or not, and I am not even sure what it is supposed to do, and not sure if I even need/want it.

The only driver issues I have had, when using Customizer 1.5 to send designs, was if the MC11000 was turned off, or if I forgot and plugged the MC 11000 into the new USB hub I have, or if I plugged the MC 11000 into a USB connector of a version it doesn't like...I have 3 versisons on this laptop and I forget which is which. 

Is my stuff a 'freak' of technology?  Hope I didn't jinx it by saying...LOL...but now wondering how things will work when I get my 15000 because I also plan to keep the MC 11000, too.  Should I worry?

- Cat

Spraining his brain while trying to remember too far back, Jim says:
The PC Folder Tool fell through the cracks, as it was little understood. It *should* use the same driver as Customizer 11000, assuming that it has been updated for 64-bit operation. We covered PC Folder Tool in an issue of the now-defunct 11Heaven newsletter. Other than to write the article, we never used it and I don't think many 11000 owners did either.

While it does sound like your melange of USB hubs and ports could be challenging, I don't think you'll have any issues with the 15000. Janome has yet to implement USB 3, and quite possibly USB 2. USB 3 ports are downward compatible with USB 2, but maybe not USB 1.

Windows 8.1 may be a problem, as Janome did have to put out updates for it, at least with the Digitizer software. None of the Windows 8 variants got much love. You may be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, though some have run into nightmares doing that.