Hello Dear Sewing Enthusiasts!

I joined "a while back," and then wrote a few posts and realized I hadn't properly intro'd myself. I wrote a little sewing intro then lost it in the ethers, something that doesn't happen to me too often anymore. Still, I wanted to say "hi" and let everyone know how much I like this group.  This time, I will copy and paste my intro into another spot from time to time to make certain it doesn't evaporate.  Here goes:

Started sewing around 50 years ago on my mom's Singer. As a little child I watched my nana make log cabin quilts on her old black Singer using scraps of velvet.  Happily, I still have several of those quilts!  My first machine was a Singer, but when my own kids were little, and I was sewing their clothes, I upgraded to an Elna with an air-electronic foot control.  Still have that lovely machine and will eventually take it out for a reunion!

When I spotted an Artista 200 back in the early part of the 21st century, I went into debt for it and found it a great machine although a bit finicky.  Upgraded that to a 730. This past fall I saw a Janome 15000 demo'd at my dealer, and I was IN on that quickly due to the iOS apps and wifi capability.  Little did I know that the actual software wouldn't function without Windows, and at this point, I had only Macs in the house (4 of them between my husband and me).  We feel no compunction to ever go back to Windows except I really wish Janome had given me a heads up on that software which they said "can be installed on your laptop."  

Note to Janome: Not ALL laptops are Windows-based, and PC means "personal computer," not necessarily Windows.  My dealer said everything would work with my Macs, but they didn't give me that info to deliberately deceive me.  I love my dealer, but it seems Janome also skips a few beats when it comes to keeping their dealers well informed.

Long story short: I am in debt again but settled into the 15000 and still organizing all my old embroidery files I had for my Bernina so they can be at home in the Janome space.  The Janome is a dream for embroidery -- so quiet -- compared to my fussy Bernini's constant thread breakage and thread nests.  As much as I like the Janome for embroidery, I'm hugely frustrated that their software won't install on my Macs even though the iOS apps are ok.

Also, my 15000 automatic threader stopped working, and when I took it into the dealer, I had to leave it. (Boo hoo!)  It was supposedly fixed, except it wasn't.  Still isn't.  Been putting off that next trip to the dealer as it's a disruptive process since I use my machine daily.  

The other machine I use daily is my absolutely wonderful Baby Lock serger, a BLE8.  Baby Lock has updated several times, but I wouldn't trade that serger for anything. My dream machine was the top of the line Baby Lock, but I was seduced with the wifi and iOS apps not knowing that I'd need Windows for the actual embroidery software.

I sew lots of clothing for the grandkids, for my daughters and recently geared up the courage to sew for myself again.  It's been a long journey since I could buy a remnant for under $1 and make a school dress on my Elna for my daughter!  When I make my granddaughters clothing, I almost always make a dolly outfit to match for their American Girl dolls.  The doll sewing has been fun, but what's even better is that I do my sewing experiments for the dolls, so I end up teaching myself new techniques, but the cost of error is small!  

Happy to meet you wonderful folks, and glad to be here!  I'm going to share a couple more posts on specific topics, so will share a bit more before I leave the group for the day.

Judy Batson

Cat - N


It's nice to meet you.  I am not in debt yet for my 15000...LOL  I am looking forward to hearing more about your great projects!

- Cat

Anne Parker


I believe you can run Janome software on Macs provided you can give it a Windows enironment to run in.  I've seen Jim mention Parallels to do this but I have not experience of it or Macs so hopefully he will provide some info or others that use it -  or you could simple search the forum for information about it or look at their website.


"Live like someone left the gate open". Kimberly Burnham

From his chair in front of his Mac, Jim says:
Parallels is an option for using Windows on a Mac, but not my first choice. The authors love to update the software at a furious pace and it's not at all uncommon for an update to break running virtual machines until they fix the update bugs. I much prefer VMware Fusion, which does not update as fast but is much more stable. Yet another option is VirtualBox, which is free but is more geeky to use. I have a free document discussing the use of a Mac with Janome software. You can download it here.


Yes, Anne, the Mac environment is exceptionally flexible and has been the top option for artists and creative individuals since the 90s even though the embroidery market took off with Windows which, I believe, was due to the ability to get a cheap Windows machine while Macs were more expensive.  I searched my house yesterday for an old windows disk.  Jim says any one, even an old one, will work as long as the serial number is available.  No go.  We dumped all the Windows stuff years ago.  Still, I am looking carefully at the option you mention to run <bleck! black!> Windows in the background of my Macs.  

I've gone through so many Windows machines over the years, but the Macs hang on and last much longer, so we saw a more sensible return on our investment (ROI).  Besides, the hubs and I have both been active in work with higher ed and academic tech, and you are NOT in the game if you don't have iOS and Apple behind your work.  Thus we're a bit biased even though retired now.  Biased admitted.  I'll move on.

Here's my beef: Janome lumped all personal computers (PCs) into the Windows category and therefore did not accurately or responsibly represent the 15000 capabilities.  As savvy as I'd like to think I am, I fell for it and figured they knew what they were selling, and then my dealer told me I could run everything on my Macs. The underlying assumption is what peeves me, and that's how all embroidery users are on Windows-based machines.  Most of the art directors, creative directors and other innovative folks I know actually function on Apple products where enormous potential exists for development of apps and using a gigantic palette of creative options.  One example is the new Apple Pencil, an absolutely phenomenal product that would hook up to ANY embroidery software via a good development team, and it would offer potential such as we have never previously had in embroidery software before.  

So, I feel a bit deceived and even cheated by Janome for intentionally or ignorantly leading me on to see their 15000 product as solving the Mac-to-embroidery challenges via wifi and iOS apps.  Their apps are primitive by Apple standards and the user interface (UI) settings they offer are downright antiquated and basically ugly.

I have been strongly computer literate since '92 and have even taught ed reform and creative integration of tech across the curriculum internationally, so I expected a great deal more when Janome offered what seemed to be a huge step forward.  It was basically a step into the Windows OS status-quo.

End of rant.  But, believe me, I could go on and on....

Thanks for listening!

Judy B