Question about digitizing & transferring designs

Deb Keldrauk

I don't do much  in the way of digitizing, I own Corel Creative DraWings, I purcha$ed it years ago to use with my Pfaff 2170, I have upgraded the software to the latest version but I don't know enough about the software to say that I digitize. I do use it to help me with taking small graphics from ready made designs to use on quilt labels. It's pretty easy to just take what I need and leave the rest so to speak. Hatch sounds good to me and the price is excellent by my track record tells me I don't really need it, and won't use it enough to justify buying it. I also have the EQ Stitch program, I upgraded from EQ7 at Xmas when they had a sale and I have yet to open the program so that's where I am at with software.

There is alot of talk here about USB sticks and Horizon LInk. The only time I have used a USB stick was when I did that last update on my machine. I did use Horizon Link just to see how it all worked, and to hook up my laptop in case I needed it. Other than that I ALWAYS just take my own designs from Creative DraWings, or ones that I have purchased, or older designs that I converted from Pfaff PCS format (and I don't think that I really need to convert it first) and pop them into my Dropbox/Apps/Artistic folder open them in AcuDesign do some final editing or add text, and send them up to my machine wirelessly and stitch them out. I do want to try Acufill "someday" and I think that I will need to use my laptop for that.

FINALLY - Here is my question. Am I missing something by not using a USB stick or Horizon LInk?

I am getting quite a few designs in AcuDesign but they are well organized so I am good with that. I have used dropbox for a long time before my 15000 so I have quite a bit of free space from referring friends and trying add on apps etc. so I feel good to go.

As always I will love to hear what you all have to say,


Deb in CA


Missing the original "Rocky and Bulwinkle Show", Jim says:

No, you're not missing anything by not using a USB stick and HorizonLink. AcuDesign does much more. If you should run short of space on your iPad, you can always use the option to have AcuDesign store your design collections in Dropbox. From what you have described I don't see Hatch bringing anything to your party, unless you start digitizing. Keep HorizonLink for when you are ready to use AcuFil, but for embroidery what you're doing is just fine.