AcuDesign vs Digitizer Jr vs Embird


Hi Everyone,
I worded my question wrong the other day so thought I would try again. 

I have Embird and have used it for a number of years.  I have been looking at Digitizer Jr and AcuDesign and wanted to know if either of these programs would be a benefit to me.  I'm thinking it might be good to have everything on the iPad, but not sure if it's worth it.  Also, don't know much about Digitizer Jr.

Love to hear some of your thoughts

Kaye Lessard

Dig Jr. Is a beginner program - since you have used envied then I would look at digitizer as you are probably ready to do more - acudesign is great to set up and make changes while away from computer /
At Drs / in car / by pool. Etc
I thought why get it then when I saw what it did I decided I would use it!!!!
Just my opinion!!
Kaye in la
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