New machine? also sent to 11000 group


Wow Jim,  I'm so glad to have found you. You have offered so much help with all my other machines,  both online and with your store website.    I wasn't aware that you were the moderate for this group.

Again you have answered all my questions and I think I'll stick with my 11000v3 for now.    Best holiday wishes for you and Diane.    Judi in E. Ma


I've been thinking of upgrading to the 15000. I have the 11000v3.  Does anyone know if the extra hoops and feet I bought for the11000 can be used on the 15000.  Dealer says yes- Janome says no.  I also have loads of the Janome design ATA cards and CDs.  Is there a way to use them on the 15000?  Thanks!  Judi in E.Ma

Jim says:

None of your 11000 hoops will be usable on the 15000. Your dealer may be assuming that they will because the attachment mechanism is the same, but Janome is right - they will not work. All of the feet on your 11000 are 7mm. The 15000 is a 9mm machine, so the snap-on feet will not work on the 15000 foot holder, but they can be used if you have a 7mm foot holder. You can also use most screw-on feet. You can get an additional 11000 foot holder and use that with your 7mm snap-on feet.

There is no ATA card slot on the 11000, but you can copy all of those designs to a USB drive using your 11000. Then they can be used on the 15000. The CDs are no problem - those designs will open in the HorizonLink Suite software that comes with the 15000. Note that if you are using the CDs in a CD-ROM drive attached to the 15000, you will not be able to do the same thing in the 15000. The 15000 will not work with a CD drive directly attached to it. The CD must be read on a computer. If you don't use a computer with the 11000 you should transfer your CD designs to a USB drive before moving to the 15000.