I have the 12000 and beginning a quilt using the ASQ22 hoop. Although using the machine in the embroidery settings, do I put the yellow dot bobbin in?  I plan to use Aurifil 50 cotton thread. The fabrics and batting are also 100% cotton.



Wearing 100% cotton, Jim says:

The yellow dot bobbin case has increased tension for use with finer bobbin thread. Before you start do a test sample in the SQ14 hoop. Pick a small quilt design and sew it with your thread, fabric and batting. Do one sample with each bobbin case. Then you can see which gives you the best result. I suspect you will wind up using the yellow dot case with a 50wt thread in the bobbin.


I bought myself an extra bobbin case because I wanted to use the same thread top and bottom (signature thread) and didn't want to play around with my existing bobbin case. I now have a bobbin case set to the signature thread that I know that works because I only use that thread for quilting. Naomi


I have tried both bobbins, but think I might need to adjust the tension a little. One of the designs I used has a lot of sharp corners and I end up with an eyelash on the bottom side.

Donna Morton

I usually use the blue dot bobbin case for quilting in the hoop.  Use the same weight thread on top and in the bobbin as this often gives a more balanced tension when quilting in the hoop.  Do a small test first though.

Donna M


Thank you for the blue dot bobbin case suggestion. I'm working on quilting a quilt right now and this makes the back side look better