Mysterious warning message on 12000

Anne Stoye

I have just had the machine peep at me in the middle of some sewing.  The screen showed a large box with a picture of the machine and foot pedal, the word "warning" and a large circle plus oblique line symbol.  I was unable to cancel this message and/or carry on sewing.

Normal sewing has resumed after turning the machine off and then on again.

There was no obvious problem with top or bobbin threads.  I was using a dual feed foot.

Any idea what might have been wrong?



After powering off and on again, Jim says:

This is a sign of a problem with the foot control. Sometimes it means there is a break in the wire, usually close to where it plugs into the machine. If the connection opens while you are sewing you will get this warning. I did have one instance where the socket for the foot control broke loose from the circuit board inside the machine, but most of the time it's the foot control. This problem will continue until the foot control or circuit board is repaired. Your dealer will have to make the call.