Janome vs Schmetz needles

Sherry Martin

After the discussion here about Janome and Schmetz needles, I decided to use a Schmetz needle today to free motion quilt using stippling which I do fairly often.

1st I also couldn't get the auto threader to work. It worked once with me kind of pushing on the needle to get the hook to go thru, and then I couldn't get it thru at all after that.

2nd I had about 4 thread breaks in a fairly short time. It almost seemed like the needle is very slightly longer than the Janome needles and wasn't coming out of the fabric completely when I hit a particularly thick spot in the fabric and it would get kind of stuck. I was using a size 11 quilting needle. Possibly raising the free motion height would have helped. But instead I went back to my old trusty Janome blue tip needle and the thread never broke again.