. Thread coming out of take up lever

Linda Spector <lmsoriginals1@...>

I've had the same happen, randomly.  I can't seem to discover what the secret is either.  Any ideas?   btw, I LOVE MY MACHINE!!

Vikki Youngmeyer

Sometimes thread will come out of the take up lever because it somehow got skinned. This usually happens with poor quality thread that has knots or ‘blebs’ in it.

Try a different thread.


I’m amazed that people will spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on various types of sewing machines but use poor quality thread that’s 2 for $1 from Walmart or Joann’s. That’s not to say that you may not have a problem with a good quality thread. I’ve taken a couple of King Tut spools back to my dealer and gotten replacements, as it was obviously those particular spools had manufacturing problems.


Some spools have “notches” so you can store the thread without it unraveling from the spool and getting tangled. Sometimes the notches are too deep or have a rough spot  such that the way particular machines are threaded, the thread gets caught in the notch as it goes up and down the spool. When it gets caught it may break right there or “skin” on thru to cause problems elsewhere.


You can try putting the thread on the thread stand and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes on the horizontal spools, the thread will “roll off” the spool and wrap itself around the spindle. I’ve noticed that embroidery thread is notorious for doing that!



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