Don't lie to your 12000 re linda

maggie cooper

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not all of us have the luxury of owning all the machines you speak of - many only have one machine to do everything and have had to trade in our old machines to get a new machine - whether it be the 12000 or anything else.

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Linda, I am an old age pensioner,widowed, on a VERY limited pension, I have to scritch and scratch to purchase anything, my 12 needle machine was 2nd hand, my next machine will be paid for from the pennies I save by not buying big name stabilisers, every must have gadget, making my own clothes as others wear so badly they have to be replaced. I've been saving for 4 years now to buy a replacement sewing machine, so I'm going to look very carefully before I buy. It has to meet certain criteria, if it doesnt I'll just sigh and continue looking.
I only spoke of 2 machines, the MC10000 and the Industrial 12 needle machine I purchased at a lesser cost 2nd hand than the 11000 was being sold for. I dont buy because its a TOL machine, I buy because I need a machine to do what I want, at a price I can afford,and the best build quality for I what I'm asked to pay, and if that means spending another year scrimping and saving, so be it.