metallic threads

maggie cooper

Not George but another Brit who also rates this thread, here is a link to the makers site, Fujix which though it has its international offices in Japan seems to have its threads spun in China.
and the link to a British distributor,
it's mainly telephone sales but they really are nice to deal with, no pushiness or flannel.
Then there's this one who I havent purchased from,
There are others which if you Google Kingstar threads, then ask for UK pages only, will come up.

I have had such good service from Somac and found they have the best price list, which is not displayed on the website, that making a phone call is a minor worry.
They offer a trial pack for £5.50, which includes 1 metallic,2x poly 1000m cops, backings, a couple of pre wound bobbins, which unless you know your bobbin case size you wont use, and the shade card. I keep looking at mine and salivating. Sad woman arent I, but I cant afford the 600 colours in the 5000m size and am slowly building up my 150 1000m cop collection.
Maggie in England.


Thanks Maggie - I'll give Somac a ring on Monday. I have been using Isacord Threads (not metallic) up to now on my previous machines and have built up a good range of them as they have been very 'gunstig' (as the Germans say), good value. They seem to be working OK on the 12000, haven't tried any of my metallics yet or fancy threads.