HorizonLink File Manager

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It appears that the File Manager is used to move designs back and forth between your computer and the machine. The structure of the 12000 is different from previous models, in that you can work on your computer without being connected to your machine, or even near the machine. When you are ready to sew, you connect and update the machine with the designs you have created or downloaded. That's when File Manager would be used.

Of course we're new to this too, but we're planning on doing a lot of documentation and tutorials for the machine and software. Stay tuned!

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I just got my machine and it is wonderful! I am very happy that you have started this group! The quality of the machine is great and I especially like the small footprint while still allowing the large hoops! I just barely got into the HorizonLink, so my question may mean I need to study more, but when I click on File Manager, I expected to see the machine's built-in embroidery files show in the File Manager window, but it seems to just quickly copy them to a directory on the PC and I can bring them up from the PC or open them individually on the sewing machine itself and then send them to the computer.


Make sure you are in normal sewing mode to send files from computer over USB to the MC 12000 from the computer. If you do not have it in that mode it will not let you save it to the Janome Machine. You can also save to the USB by using this method while the USB stick is on the Machine.