Mac with digitizer


I’m having enormous problems downloading the HASP drivers and Janome is being spectacularly uncooperative.  
I have run Digitizer V5.5 on Mac with Parallels for no problems until recently. 
I’ve looked at Hatch and it is identically to Digitizer V5.5 BUT they do recommend Mac with Parallels 
Anyone else running  Digitizer V5.5 on Mac  with Parallels?

Lyn Quine

My daughter had V5 on a MacBook Pro with parallels it was so slow, it could take over an hour to get v5 open.  It was slowed down so much by parallels and windows so you need lots more memory.  And she found the Mac side was very slow too even when she hadn’t fired up windows.  Now she has got a windows laptop and removed the partition and her Mac is back to normal.  I reminded her to back up the designs, on an external drive in case there were any problems.  

Cheryl Paul

I have a MacBook Pro - I’ve used this computer for about 7 years and have had NO issues with Parallels, Windows 10 - all updated to the latest versions and that included the Mac. I run both Digitizer V5.5 (and 5.0 previously), Hatch 2, Florian FTCU and Artistic Simple Cut. Sometimes I have more than one of those programs running and switch back and forth - absolutely NO problems at all. Digitizer has always been a slow program to open - like maybe a minute or two at most. Since I switched to a MacBook, I have had no issues with running my Digitizing software. Any problems I have had with any software are usually something that I’ve done or my interest service is acting up which is rare in Saskatchewan (cities at least). We have 2 major providers of internet service our SaskTel, which is owned by the Government of Saskatchewan and Shaw Cable. I don’t believe most have any issues with either provider. However, we do have some of the best internet service in the world and the Government believes that EVERYONE should have good service no matter where you live and they are always working to make it better. It isn’t cheap, but most don’t complain to much about the cost as it is reliable.

I think that maybe folks that are having trouble with their software may not have the amount of RAM memory to adequately run the software. I was told years ago that Digitizer needed lots of RAM memory and an exceeding good graphics card as this software was a “pig” for memory. I have 16GB of RAM on the computer I’m using right this minute to write this message - I believe that I might be into about 8GB of “overkill” but I don’t have problems. My previous MacBook had less but at that time I didn’t have problems with the software, but something else in the guts of the computer wasn’t reliable anymore and it had lived its life expectancy for doing more than email and surfing the internet. I know that I am about due for a new computer, but I’m waiting for the next generation of “Apple” to hit the market - COVID-19 has put a monkey wrench into so many things making life more difficult than just trying to stay alive.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

PS: I wouldn’t go back to a PC unless I absolutely had to - like Apple ceasing to exist.

Andrea LaVergne

I run Mac with Fusion and Win 10. I have no problems with Hatch 2 or Digitizer 4.0.
Andrea LaVergne