Thank you for all the replies and suggestions

Roberta K


An easy way to avoid the problem of stitches outside of the hoop is to use the editing software that came with the machine. You have three choices with the software. You can either edit the size of the hoop, you can reduce the design, or you can rotate the design.

All three choices are pretty simple if you use the software.

Roberta in FL


I've wondered if the machine software automatically calculates/deducts space for a basting stitch even if you aren't going to use one. If your design, in theory, uses every mm of width/depth, would you still be able to baste, or is that outside those design size limits? Anyone know?


Kathy, this is a common problem amongst all the machine brands, people are always asking this same question on the various groups I'm on.
But you're correct, it would be nice if the machine gave a message to indicate the issue.
Want to know a funny thing? If you do a combined design (JEF+) in Horizon Link that completely fills the hoop and then open that same JEF design in MBX software and try to send it to the usb, the program will insist that it's too large for the hoop! Even though MBX was made to Janome specs and the hoop reads as the same size in both programs.


Lyn Quine

Unfortunately our machines are computerised but don’t have the computing power of our MACs and PCs. Sometimes it’s the way the designers have formatted the file.  I always take a new design into software to have a look (I use Janome V5.5) but horizon link or Embird or a free download of Trusizer from Wilcom will suffice.  If you only use a Mac then Wilcom have a freebie online version.  If you use the Janome apps on an iPad you can take it into Acudesign to check it’s centralised in the hoop or turn it in the hoop.   It’s good to look at them in software you can watch it stitch on screen and get an idea of how it will stitch on the machine, you can learn a lot from it, see how the design builds etc.  In a perfect world our machines would show us the problems but they don’t and it’s all part of the learning curve.  

Kathy Strabel

Janome users---Thank you to all the replies and suggestions regarding why I could not get a design to transfer from the thumb drive to the machine.  It turned out that the design needed to be rotated a half turn because a couple stitches were outside of the limit if the hoop, even though the stated design size was supposed to fit that hoop. Apparently Janome hoops vary slightly from other "standard" hoop sizes.    It is disconcerting when you believe you have done everything correctly and still you are in error, That is what happened.  It would save a lot of headache if the machine would give a warning like:" There is something the matter with your chosen design/hoop combination" instead of just mutely not showing the design that you KNOW is in the EMBF folder.  A pop-up message on the machine's screen would be nice in that case!!

This is a fabulous group, very helpful!
Thanks again,
Kathy Strabel