Auto buttonhole not working

Mary Sanerkin

I have a Janome 8900 and recently when I use auto buttonhole foot (with a button inserted in the back of the foot) I noticed that when the needle goes up one side (Left)  it get stuck at the back and just keeps going side to side it won’t return back down the opposite side (right).  I think it may be the lever you have to bring down on the left to sit on the back of the foot.  When the foot meets the lever at the back it should prompt the machine to stitch down the other side.  But it isn’t doing it.  I experimented and ‘nudged’ the lever at the appropriate stage when it should have prompted the return phase of the buttonhole and it worked. So I guess I don’t know if there is an adjustment to the lever or another setting to fix this problem.   Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks. Mary

Jim Stutsman

This can happen if the buttonhole sensor is not pulled all the way down. However if you've had it for a while and it worked before, the sensor may need adjusting. This is a pretty simple procedure that your dealer should be able to do quickly.