"Broken" needle threader

Kathleen Chevalier

It turns out that my needle threader works just fine. Operator error. I was holding the thread while using the needle threader in my S9.

My husband suggested that I search online for the problem and one site said to read the manual and make sure you were following directions, so I did. I found that there is a ritual the using the threader: make sure the needle is in the center position and stitch #1 is selected; press the needle button and if that puts the needle down, press it again to bring the needle up; make sure the thread runs through the last guide above the needle; pull out enough thread to reach the cutter on the side; put the thread through the slit in the threader and around to the cutter and cut off the thread (that makes the thread the right length); press the lockout button; without touching the thread, press the threader lever. It works every time. I'm happy.

Kathleen Chevalier
western Pennsylvania

Linda Thompson

These crazy gadgets....yes, when I bought my machine I was told not to hold the thread when threading...it just didn’t work unless I held on to the thread.  I returned home from winter travel, a month later sat down to thread the machine my way.  Little Rosieq changed her mind, without uttering a word to me and wanted threaded the ‘correct way’. Just threading herself!  ☺️