Moving files to Zip Drive


Thank You, Guess I am showing my age with Zip, Updated vocabulary to Flash. Appreciate your help. 

Jim Stutsman

I think what you are referring to as a "Zip" drive is actually a USB flash drive. Many years ago there actually was a product called a Zip Drive. If they were still around there is a chance they might work with the 15000, but it would be a stretch. What you're doing seems to be working, since you can see the designs on the machine. What you could do to avoid scary messages is:

1. Unzip the files into a new folder.
2. Select all files in the new folder (CTRL-A). Then copy them (CTRL-C).
3. Open the USB flash drive and then the EMB folder.
4. Create a new folder in the USB drive, or open an existing one.
5. Paste in the copied files (CTRL-V).


I have downloaded files for my Janome Horizon 15000 to my computer (windows 10). I now want to take those files to my zip drive and then to my machine. I have been searching for information on How To but can not find written instructions. The files come as Zip files, so I first unzip and then move the unzipped files to my Zip for the Janome. The message I get is: Are you sure you want to move this folder without its properties?  Then FEAR sets in because I do not want to do it wrong. I go ahead and move the files and take a look in my Horizon Link and they are there. Am I doing it right? when I take to my machine will they work? Is there a place to get written instructions?