Permanently change a Default on Skyline 7?

Kathy Strabel

Hello-  I hope all are still doing well and getting lots of sewing done.
Is it possible to permanently override the default settings on the Skyline 7 machine? I specifically would like to have the default for the foot pressure loosened up so it is 2 "clicks" lower than the factory-set default. I find my machine stitches much better with the looser presser foot pressure. I can always set it 2 clicks lower, but every time I change to a different stitch, or even change the length or width of the same stitch, I have to re-do the presser foot pressure setting every time.  Without making this adjustment, the hook that holds in my walking foot in its holder pops out all the time, and  I have have other inconveniences happen with the default setting---for instance, I wanted to pleat for making some masks, and the foot just pushed the pleats forward so they were flat instead of actual pleats! Very frustrating, so I just changed to a different style of mask and make a bunch to donate.   PLease advise re: the default setting question.  Thank you!
Kathy Strabel  


If you have the Favorite Stitch Adjustment turned "on", you can set the foot pressure for each stitch individually. The link shows the manual page with the directions for this. I don't know of a way to change the factory default settings other than to ask your dealer to adjust it when it's in for service.
Jan in MD


Yes, you can permanently change the default setting of the presser foot pressure.
Use the Settings tab.
Ordinary Sewing functions, 
On page 4 you will find the adjustment for the presser foot pressure.
Make sure you select OK before leaving the screen to save your setting.