Horizon Link Software -

June E Hudspeth

Hi Cheryl - Saskatoon (& anyone else wanting to jump in, smile).

I made baby steps today.  Got my JEF files to open (they show on the left side) & on the right side shows Built In (machine) & two USB ports.  When I click on the built in, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, says wi-fi connection error - or if I'm successful, it lists folders, EMBF, New Folder & 3 files I have there.  So, on my machine, I have it set to the "hoop window".  When I clicked on the JEF folders & hit the right arrow; it errors, so I tried to send one square at a time (there are 8 squares); and I managed to get 1 to send.  All of the rests, it errors with either:  wi-fi connetion problem, or the machine failed to receive.  I went into settings on Horizon & clicked on my machine.  But as soon as I leave this screen, the setting doesn't hold?  Is my machine supposed to remain there?  I go to the machine & sometimes it shows something transmitting with a yellow warning sign on top of screen.

Nothing should be this hard.  So, my class is tomorrow & I've already spent too much time with this, I will use my flash drive in the machine for class tomorrow.

Any suggestions?  Sorry for being such a pest.

Again, wish there was some info in writing somewhere.

Thanks for even just listening.