I meceived a message from the American Sewng Guild about the mediate need for face masks, how to make them & where to send them. If you are able to help please read the article. We are all home & have lots of time on our hands le

Vikki Youngmeyer

I wouldn’t want someone to have used a home made mask that wasn’t designed to specifications to come down with the virus. There are people around that would hunt you down and could sue you for making the mask.



Houston, TX


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I am glad you brought that to the group’s attention.  Although the gesture is nice the masks do not protect against the Covid 19 virus.  The required mask is the N95 ones that Hanes and Raytheon are manufacturing. 

Carolyn Gazerro

I am with you Vicki.  Would not want someone to have false hope of being protected and then find out they have the virus because they were not.

Shirley Allen

Vikki,  These masks are given to nurses & drs who are quite familiar with protection & sanitation, so if they can find a safe way to use them in this pandemic so be it.  Nurse's & Drs are very clever in adapting to imediate needs We have never seen a terrible disease like this before. 

Lyn Quine

My daughter is a nurse, she has been a theatre manager, HDU snr sister, I have made her cotton warm up jackets for night shift, with long and short sleeves, for night shifts in non clinical areas, and theatres when in her office and moving through non clinical areas, there’s never been a problem with it.  I’ve also made her and her staff theatre hats, the hats supplied don’t fit everyone, especially those with one hair.  They’ve never had a problem with them, they launder them and they love having something different to others.  I’ve made football themed, brightly coloured batiks, the best one for an orthopaedic surgeon a hooded theatre hat, with drills and DIY tools on it.  Never a problem.  I’m not sure about masks, but I would suggest they will be so different they will know they are not medical grade, but one of those with a pocket that they can fit the filter they want to use, is better than nothing at all, or worse a mask that’s been worn for more than 1 patient, one that feels clean.  I won’t make them because I’m going to make scrubs, again not medical grade but something clean they can change into.

Shirley Allen

Good for you. I have worn scrubs that are too big do not fit right and make a miserable day at work to be comfortable. Our medical staff are going through terrible times right now and they are exhausted from their efforts. Any thing we can do to help them is vital right now.

Lyn Quine

I’ve just read, that American medics are having to wear plastic bin bags because they don’t have enough scrubs.  How true this is, I don’t know, it was on Facebook and we all know how reliable that can be, but if it’s true in only one hospital then there is a need for something there as well.  I’m in the UK so can’t be of any help.

Jim Stutsman

As you pointed out, Facebook is far from a paragon of valid information. The current situation is something few, if any, people have ever gone through before. All of the media, both news and social, are in a relentless pursuit of viewers. Facebook leans more toward emotional triggers. The thought that exhausted health care workers are now reduced to wearing bin bags (trash bags of US readers) resonates with us. However we've had this signal before, in incidents like the fabled little boy in hospital asking for people to send him cards. Long after he was home and well cards kept coming, causing a great deal of stress for the family. It's possible that at least one hospital in the US has run out of scrubs, particularly in New York where the situation is most dire. The existing infrastructure can resolve that problem than a bunch of well-meaning volunteers. What sizes are needed? What type of fabric? How to get them where they are needed? We're all eager to do anything we can in this crisis, but we need an organization less profit-focused than any of the media to coordinate the effort.

Locally one of our largest sewing machine dealers has sent out emails asking for volunteers to make masks. You can drive by to pick up supplies and drop off completed masks, and if you make enough you get entered in a drawing for a Janome S5. Having been a retailer, I understand what's behind this. Retail rent in this area is insanely expensive, and as the days tick by with no customers, it's a desperate situation. However, as previously pointed out on this list, they've run out of elastic. While ties would likely work, they are using pipe cleaners! This is probably indicative of the fact that whomever organized the project does not actually sew, or they would have realized that ties would work.

To put things in perspective, I offer up this blog post: https://seths.blog/2020/03/calm-also-has-a-coefficient/
As our friends in UK said during WW II, keep calm and carry on.

Shirley Allen

Thank you Jim for all your comments as it helps people realize how dire this situation is.  As far as the pipe cleaners they are the one used in crafts not in pipes, but they work well if cut in 3" lengths to fit in between the top layer of the mask to make them contour around the nose. I just make a stitched area to hold in place.  The masks are made of 100% cotton & can be washed many times.  Inside is an opening for inserting a filter or whatever they have available & these can be thrown away & replaced as needed.  As far as where to send them you can call your area hospitals, nursing homes & etc or go on the internet & see where they are needed.They use cotton gowns & they should be a chince to make as one size fits all.I do not have a pattern for that, but I think somewhere on the internet does. You see Jim I was a nurse in a intensive unit & I know how these things work & I also know how dedicated these nurses & Drs & health worker are.  Also how exhausting this work is.  So keep them in your prayers to stay well & be able to do their job. God Bless them for all they do.  I will send you a pic of my masks, but I am waiting on some elastic around the ears to finish them up.

B Diane Landon <publicaddress@...>

Many places here need masks. We sewers have formed a group online where those who need masks fill out a form. Then we sewers make the masks and report on a second form. Needs are matched up with finished product. There are several styles and we make what is requested Many places have made a safe drop off place. Mine is the church across the street, a box outside Door in a covered spot. However, do to my health and age I don’t go out even that far. I will place my completed masks in a bag outside my door and another person will collect and take to church. During the civil war women rolled bandages and knitted socks. During WWII both women and men rolled bandages and knitted socks. During this war all persons are sewing, collecting product, delivering to exchange point. More than one none sewer has procured materials for the masks. We are all in this together
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Shirley Allen

Thats great.  You are doing a great service-keep sewing