Problem with bobbin winding

Patricia Finnegan

 I just got my machine back from the dealer last week for its regular maintenance., I did some embroidery work, all was fine. Then I switch to regular sewing and needed to wind a bobbin, and the icon shows but the bobbin is not winding. I tried to turn it by hand, and it is very stiff and hard to turn. The dealer is 2 hours away. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks Patti in Flint Texas

Jim Stutsman

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds like the bobbin winder has failed. Either the motor isn't working or the bushing has seized up. I would suggest calling the dealer before making the trip again, as they will probably need to order the part. That way you would only have to make the trip when they get it in stock.


This happened to me after I had my machine serviced. The dealer forgot to reconnect the bobbin motor. Maybe Jim can help you do it yourself or check to see if that’s the problem? 

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Patricia Finnegan

Jim I had one of those senior moments, I was trying to use the foot pedal to wind the bobbin on my 15000, I guess that what happens from going from my 8900 back to the 15000. I figured it last night when I woke up that I had to hit the bobbin winding button to start the bobbin winding. It was operator error. 🤣