100 wt thread tension


I recall in a prior discussion monofilament thread, some individuals mentioned using fine 100 wt thread instead. This suggestion also came up in a workshop I went to on Friday for hiding stitching in the ditch on quilts.

My question is this, if your are using 100 wt thread as both the top and bobbin thread, do you have to adjust your machine or bobbin tension?



I've used the Microquilter #100 in the top with Janome #90 bobbin thread and the regular bobbin case. The quilt batting was Hobbs Poly Down, with a regular cotton backing. I don't recall having to adjust the thread tension significantly. In testing each project, I do often make small tweaks to get the best thread balance.
I have also used the Microquilter with the Janome bobbing thread for the Hand-look quilt stitch #1, p 85 in 12000 manual. The thread tension for that was cranked up to 9.6, and the batting was 80/20 cotton/poly.


My experience:
I haven’t used “Microquilter” brand, only “Invisafil” which is also 100 wt.
I’ve only used  it in the top, not the bobbin.
For regular quilting with an AcuFlex foot, red bobbin case, all kinds of threads, I don’t need to adjust the tension.
Free motion quilting: use the Sewing Applications settings which automatically adjusts the tension, red bobbin case. Again I have used a variety of threads and don’t always use same types in top and bobbin. 

I also like Superior Bottom Line for quilting. And it’s my favorite for bobbin thread for Embroidery.
The only time I’ve had to use the Blue Bobbin case is for bobbin work.
 I think that my 15000 and 12000 are fabulous about dealing with tensions and a variety of threads. I’ve never had problems using different threads in the top and bobbin. I hear that some machines brands are very picky.

By the way, I really like the suggestion to use the 100 wt in the top for the Hand look quilting stitches, I’ll have to try that, I don’t much care for monofilament threads even the “best” brands. It always gets hooked around the uptake lever, thread guide, no matter which thread stands I try.