Trying again to add pictures


This is the lettering I had trouble with


Looks like, from your picture, you need to loosen your upper tension.  If you match the bobbin thread to the upper thread - you won't see all the white coming thru- even if it does.
Tracy in Nashville, TN
Martha Pullen Licensed Educator

Cheryl Paul


I can understand why you are upset - that is nasty and your machine shouldn’t be pulling the bobbin thread up like that. I’d be taking that in to your dealer, if the advise given doesn’t work for you. Try rethreading your machine again, to be sure that ALL tension disks have the thread firmly in them, use your yellow dot bobbin case, try another thread, colour doesn’t matter for testing, but if you don’t have a second spool of the exact colour you need, borrow one or buy a new one IF you can’t get the original to work, try using a matching colour in the bobbin (last resort). Try to stitch another font for your lettering, there might be some reason that the one you are using just doesn’t digitize nicely - it should but sometimes strange things happen for no good reason. Using another font or two will give you an idea if the machine is sewing correctly - I’d even resort to using one of the built in fonts as they should sew out well or Janome wouldn’t have used them as permanent fixtures for the machine designs. IF all fails, and it were my machine, I’d take it to be serviced. Frustration isn’t at all fun and you want your machine to work so you can have FUN.

Cheryl - Saskatoon