Adding a photo.....

Kathy Strabel

Good morning---I want to make a post to ask a question and post a photo to illustrate something I am asking about. But I cannot find info on How To Post  A Photo to the Group. I went to "Photos" and see lots of albums and photos, but nowhere do I see anything like "add a photo". So, I went to "Files" to see if instructions were there, but I saw none. I typed keywords into a search box and got information on how to embroider on toilet paper---which, I am not ....ahem, interested in. at the moment.  What is the secret to uploading a photo to one of the albums.?I did click on the "emailed photos", saw a bunch of photos, but no instructions how to upload.    Is there a place where the basic group info is posted--rules, restrictions, how to structure posts, add and/or delete posts you have submitted, etc?    I see a paperclip icon at the top of this submission form----do we just attach a photo directly to the email we send?  How would the photo get into a photo album for people to see who might not ever see the particular email it was attached to?  I know, a lot of questions....but.    Thanks in advance  for comments/answers. 
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

Jim Stutsman

We live in an age when nobody wants to read instructions, so the people who design our technology stopped writing them. Many of you were probably, like me, told in school that we would spend the rest of our lives learning. Needless to say, this is not something any high school student wanted to hear, but it's turned out to be true. The pace of change just keeps increasing, and keeping up gets in the way of a lot of the things you WANT to do. In the case of web pages, the designers assume that you were born with a mouse in your hand and have been web surfing since infancy. For those of us that remember bobby socks and penny loafers, not so much! Adding pictures is easy once you know the secret. It's all about the icons, an idea stolen from Egyptian tombs. As you type your message, directly above the text you will see the icons I've shown in the attached image. The green arrow points to the one you click on to add a photo to your message. Once you've done that the rest is easy.

But WAIT - there's more! If you upload a photo right from your camera/phone it will be huge. Downloading will take a long time, and maybe cost the viewer for bandwidth. Viewing the post will be as annoying as it is to view this huge text! PLEASE, PLEASE resize the photo to something with a width of 1,000 pixels or less before you upload. Once you post it, I cannot change it. Thanks!