Lubricating an older machine...

Nyssa Lanzafame

hello, I am looking at lubricating/relubricating an older machine.  I am not willing to spend the money on taking it in for service ( I need those funds for my 15000 ;) but i would like to take care of my older machines-like pets?  LOL!  I have found that there is a 'yellow' grease on most of the metal moving bits, but then there is a plastic gear that is in good shape and has a very white grease on this a special lubricant for plastic?  I have been told to use Tri-Flow for both the grease and oil in machines, but then was warned it has a teflon ingredient and should not be used anywhere a wick is in use ( as the wick will no longer absorb oil if it absorbs the teflon)  I was hoping for some wisdom on this subject

Jim Stutsman

The white grease is probably lithium grease, which does not harden with time. Tri-Flo grease will be fine there, as well as the non-lithium gears. Try to remove as much of the old grease as you can before applying the Tri-Flo. You'll also want to use the liquid form of Tri-Flo on shafts at the point where they go through a bushing.

ZKazmi <zskazmi@...>

I had the same question about lubricating gears.  I have a newer mechancial Janome machine that has been sitting in my closet for a few years. It's hardly been used. I bought it five years ago and made some stitch samples but never used it to actually sew anything. When I took it out and sewed on it yesterday, I noticed that it is sewing slower. I have oiled the machine and cleaned it but I'm wondering if the gears need to be greased. The foot pedal and bobbin winder seem to be working at full speed but the machine is not sewing at full speed. Would Tri-Flo grease be fine to use on the gears?

Jim Stutsman

Tri-Flo grease is fine, but it's important to CLEAN the gears first. Embedded dried lint and old grease can actually break them. I also like Tri-Flo spray lubricant as well as oil.