Sewing Kit Pro

Carolyn Gazerro

Hi Jim,
I have an App “Sewing Kit Ṗŕö” that is no longer maintained by the developer Vesta software. Last update was 2016.  It allowed me to keep records of my patterns, books, threads and notions.  It also allowed me to scan in patterns from the internet.
Is there another comparable App or would it be something you would consider developing.

Jim Stutsman

Vesta Software LLC has an app “My Sewing Kit” currently in the store. It’s last update was May of 2017. When I get caught up I’ll take a look at it and see what it does. ThreadBook took a year to develop, though more than half of that time was spent working out the best way to match colors. Here are a couple of questions for the group:

1. Would you use an app like this?   (App Store Link)

2. What features should it have?

Carolyn Gazerro

That is basically what SewingKitPro did Plus other features. 
My sewing Kit has poor ratings.


My wife is using "MyStuff Pro" for years to keep track of her sewing products on fairs. It's a generic and very powerful inventory app, and developer support is marvelous! 

The app takes some time to be set up for a specific purpose, but is definitely worth a try...

I couldn't develop such an app in less than years...


Lorrie Gauthier

I agree with you Mattes. As much as I would love a Jim version more there probably isn’t enough of a purchasing audience to make it worth his time. And it does take a bit of work to get going but worth it. 

Carolyn Gazerro

It is definitely worth it.  Everything you need for sewing is already set up. It can scan for major pattern companies for photos, etc.