5x7 hoop?

Joyce Daniel


How do I get the 5x7 hoop (RX18) to “show up” as a choice on my 12000?

The 5x5 and 9x9 show but not the 5x7 and I’d like to use it today.

Thanks!! Joyce



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Lyn Quine

Have you downloaded and installed the update from the Janome website?  If you have go into edit on the embroidery side and select the hoops, and go to the, there’s and arrow on the right hand side to indicate there’s a second page of hoops, it’s at the bottom of the second page.

Joyce Daniel

thanks Lyn. I'll ck this out.
The designs I have on the usb will all fit in the 5x7 but they're showing on the 12000 screen in the 9x9. I'm guessing I can select the 5x7 hoop and stitch in that hoop instead.

Lyn Quine

Yes but because it’s an update it is on the second page it doesn’t slot in between the 5x5 and the 9x9 which is what you would expect.  But you do need to download the update from the global website, you’ll find it in the drop down menu, it’s very simple but make sure you read the instructions carefully before putting it on the machine.  I think there’s also an update for the Horizon Link too

Lyn Quine

Here’s a link to the hoop update

Lyn Quine

Here’s a link to the Horizon Link update too for the 12000