JEF + ?

Joyce Daniel

I was cleaning out/deleting some embroidery files and noticed several had a JEF + format. I have several Janome machines but all use the JEF format. What machines use this and why would Janome come up with a different format for some of it's machines? Inquiring minds really want to know.
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Jim Stutsman

The JEF+ format originated with the Memory Craft 11000. As the plus suggests, it was an extension to the JEF format. Janome's intent was to use JEF+ only for files saved from the machine itself. The extra data was to be used so you could edit a design, save it, then open it later and change the edits. Unfortunately they never shared anything about the format with anyone outside the company, so third-party companies like Embird had to reverse-engineer the format. They mistakenly believed that the JEF+ format was required for designs that used the then-new hoops larger than 5 x 7. Because they had to guess what the new fields in the JEF+ format were used for, the early conversions were hit and miss. Janome also used the JEF+ format to embed information for AcuFil quilting. With the 12000 and later models they switched to yet another format, JPX. Like JEF+, JPX is used for designs stored from the machine to USB, and also for AcuFil. The later versions of Janome's Digitizer also use JPX as the default export format. JPX has provision for storing an image that can be displayed on the machine screen behind the design. It's an interesting feature, but seldom used.

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Joyce Daniel

thanks for the info Jim. All new info to me. Very much appreciated.
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