Horizon Link for 12000

Lisa Powell

i bought my 12000 5 years ago, and never set up my Horizon Link. Now I’ve decided it might be kind of fun (I’m always late to the party). So I successfully did the update on my 12000 first, then tried to put the Horizon Link software on my laptop (with Windows 10) where all my designs are. My computer won’t read the disk! The disk says 2011 on it, so maybe it’s just too old? Am I out of luck or is there an updated version of Horizon Link that would work for both my computer and my 12000? I’d like nothing more than to upgrade to a 15000, but I just can’t afford that right now. 
I apologize if this has already been discussed.


Jim Stutsman

The CD ROM format has not changed, though it's now about as dated as floppy disk. Your installation CD may be scratched, or the drive may have dust embedded in it, especially if it is seldom used. It's questionable whether Janome could/would provide a replacement, mainly because they may not have one. Before going to their Tech Support you should at least try to read it on another computer. If you can, just copy the entire content of the CD onto a USB drive and install from that.

Lisa Powell

Okie doke...thanks, Jim!