Buying a Mac what do I need to run mbx/windows

Lorrie Gauthier

im making the switch from a pc to a Mac. I own Digitizer MBX 5. Could someone tell me what exactly I need buy along with the Mac Air laptop to do this? I think I need win 10 and parallels?

and should I wait until the end of the month before I buy the laptop as apple might announce something important?

this is a huge step for me. 🙂 I do have an iPhone and iPad. So I think I’ve covered all bases re Janome?


Jim Stutsman

We pretty well covered that in this document:
I'm more partial to VMware Fusion than Parallels, though I've used both and started with Parallels. The main gripe I had with Parallels was continual updates that frequently broke my Virtual Machine. Fusion does not benchmark as fast, though it is plenty fast enough and is rock solid reliable.

It won't hurt to hold off until the 26th, in case Apple does release something in their event on the 25th of March, 2019. Rumor has it that the announcement is all about their streaming video service, rumored to be coming for years. I would recommend that you actually go to a store and try the MacBook Pro keyboard before buying. They redesigned the keyboard two years ago. The first version was terrible, due to early and widespread failures. These were cited as being due to dust particles getting into the keyboard and it was redesigned a year later to include a dust barrier. Many still don't like it. Meanwhile the MacBook Air has been redesigned to (finally) have a retina screen for ease on the eyes. Regardless of which MacBook you get, you may still want a large external monitor for digitizing.

Lorrie Gauthier

Thanks Jim. I looked for posts on the topic before but couldn’t find anything. I’ll read the PDF and wait until the keynote happens. I had one of the tiny macsbooks a few years ago. I’ll make a trip to the apple store and test them all. I’ll look into VMware as well. I just remembered you talking about parallels a long time ago. 

Lyn Quine

You need to check the spec of the program and ensure you MAC has sufficient resources.  My laptop had 6GB of memory (RAM) and it was a bit slow, i now have a P C with 8GB of memory and its much quicker.  The spec says 4GB but in honesty the more you have the better.  Its a powerful program that needs plenty of memory, and you will be putting it on a MAC, parallels will need memory to run windows and V5, plus any other programs you want to run in the background.  I would look at 8GB as a minimum requirement, if you can put 16GB in you might future proof it for further updates.  If youre thinking of upgrading to V5.5 it will help.

Lorrie Gauthier

Thanks Lyn. 8 is the default and I was planning on upping it to 16. 

I am am beginning to think I should just keep my laptop that I’m using now just for digitizing. My brain hurts. Lol

Lyn Quine

 I was thinking about changing to a MAC, and by the time i had added extra RAM, windows, parallels etc., it was very expensive, I also wanted the bigger screen, so I decided to stick with windows and went fo PC with 27” screen, and 8GB memory, and 16GB on board, it was half the price of the MAC.  I do everything I want to do on my ipad and iphone, the omputer is only for digitising.  I still have my laptop and I rarely use it, I’m going to strip everything off the laptop, just leave on there what I need for V5.5, I can use it when I go to workshops etc.  I might investigate to see if I can put more memory in it to get it to run faster.   The difference the 27” screen makes is fantastic, from a 15” laptop screen, I can see so much more detail.