Facebook echo Week 4

Jim Stutsman

If you have our FootBook app you've already seen this video, but if not check it out:  https://youtu.be/FpXPdZAMx5A

Nicole Schmidt-Nutt

I like the idea of the app.  Any chance it will be available in Android?  I don't use Apple devices.


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If you have our FootBook app you've already seen this video, but if not check it out:  https://youtu.be/FpXPdZAMx5A

Jim Stutsman

Sorry, but no. Here's why: https://onlinesewing.blog/2018/08/16/will-you-make-it-for-android/

Jim Stutsman

Last year Diane and I were thinking about a new app for managing sewing projects. We thought it should allow for taking notes quickly and easily, on either iPhone or iPad, written or spoken. It would need to allow scanning of instructions and then making notes on the scanned image for any changes you might have made. Project photos would be a must, including video if appropriate. As we worked up the list I began preparing for a major effort to develop this app, figuring it would take at least a year. Fortunately I did a bit more research and discovered that Apple has already done the work and the app is available right now. So instead of creating an app we have produced a video showing how to use it with your sewing projects. This will be our last instructional video for the Facebook group. Thanks so much for all your views and comments!


Narda Poulin

How do I find the video??

[Moderator note - apparently the list is playing hide & seek with the video link. See the next post for the video.]

Cynthia Dickerson

The "Notes" app has never worked for me.  When I open it, it just says folders at the top of the page and there is absolutely nothing to click on anywhere else on the page.  I also wanted this app, so I can jot things down to remember during the day.  I deleted the app.  

I just now went and reloaded it after watching your video and it just does the same thing.  Do you know if I am doing something wrong?  I checked my settings and I think I have everything correct.  Thank you so much Jim, for all you do!

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I have the same issue with the Notes app on all my devices! I’m so envious of those that have all these neat features! Help!

Jim Stutsman

A lot of the features we demonstrated in the video came with iOS 12. If you have an older iPad, like most of those that Janome gave away with the purchase of a 15000, you are unable too update past iOS 9. Otherwise go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and update to the latest version.


Thank you for that information! I was on a brand new iPad and an iPhone XR but obviously I still needed to do an update even though I had just purchased it 2 days ago!


I want to thank you so much for how much you give freely to the sewing community. I have the paid apps that work on my iphone and if I ever get another iPad i will get the others. Apart from that there a plenty of free short videos that help us all with this might big machine.
Thanks again
Rhonda Burnett